Paw Print Leather Bracelet

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A thick plaited leather bracelet contrasts beautifully with a sterling silver charm carrier holding your pet's paw print. Our paw print charms make the perfect gift for any pet lover and this leather bracelet is ideal for men or women alike. 

If you have more than one pet, you can hang a number of charms on your chosen bracelet.

Quality: Each item is handcrafted from sterling silver and stamped with your pet’s unique paw print and name.

Prints: Include our Magic Inkless Pet Print Kit in your order. Already have a print OR clay cast? Scan or take a photo and upload your print as you order.

Price: Includes all national shipping, Magic Inkless Pet Print Kit, final piece of jewellery with your pet’s paw print and their name.

Charm size: Approximately 1cmx1cm, but the dimensions vary depending on the shape you choose.

Charm shapes: heart, circle, teardrop. Choose your shape when you order.

Number of pets: more than one pet? Just add additional charms.

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