First groom.. that’s not my dog!

April 02, 2021 2 min read

First groom.. that’s not my dog!

Following the demise of a second pair of my tights at the claws of Ivy, I decided that perhaps it was time for a pedi (for her, not me!). I’m pretty comfortable cutting our cats’ claws, even if they’re not comfortable having it done, but Ivy is a different kettle of fish. Her claws are much thicker and she’s a bit of a wriggler, so I figured this might be one for the professionals.

So I took her down to my local pet store and since they had a first groom puppy package at 50% off, I decided to book her in for a shampoo too, just to get her used to it. The deal included trimming the fur on her paws, an ear clean, shampoo and a fringe trim. I pointed out that I didn’t think she needed her fringe trimming as it wasn’t in her eyes, and left her in the capable hands of the groomer.

One hour later I returned to pick her up. When I first clocked her, I wanted to cry! That was swiftly followed by an uncontrollable desire to laugh. Her fringe and the hair on top of her head had been trimmed.. she now bore a striking resemblance to Rod Stewart! The top was bouffant and a bit spiky (classic Rod) and her ears resembled his signature mullet! WTF!

Don’t get me wrong – I like a bit of Rod (I might have even once had a bit of a crush on him, shhhhh!). But never in a million years had I wanted my beautiful little Ivy Rose to resemble my childhood idol!

But it got worse. I picked her up to whisper some words of comfort in her ear and.. whoooaaaaaa! What is that smell?! She smelled like a tart’s parlour  – pungent cheap perfume wafting from my fur baby – not the delicious post-shampoo smell  I had heard spoken. “Oh yeah, we give them a bit of a spritz once they’re dry” said the groomer. Seriously?!

As she trotted out of the shop, the hair on her head and the rest of her body bobbed and swayed gently, like seaweed underwater – which finally pushed me over the edge of hysterical laughter.

I took my poor baby home to endure the hilarity of the rest of the family, so I supposed the whole experience was not without merit. The next day I took her out in the rain to sort out her ‘do’, but it took a good few days for her to start smelling of Ivy again!

We’d love to hear your dog grooming disasters!

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